orchestra manager

George Fenwick

George Fenwick
George Fenwick is a free-lance composer and arts administrator, CYO alumnus, and sometime librarian and journalist.

A native Calgarian, he studied composition with Allan Bell and Quenten Doolittle, and received his Bachelor of Music from the University of Calgary in 1988. After obtaining a Master of Library and Information Science degree from the University of British Columbia in 1993, George was an Area Children's Librarian for several years with the Fraser Valley Regional Library in B.C.

He has been involved in the music scene in Calgary for over a decade through his work with the Canadian Music Centre and Land's End Chamber Ensemble. Currently, he is a member of the Spiritus Chamber Choir and Manager of the Calgary Youth Orchestra.

The Orchestra Manager’s duties include:

•   primary contact for students and parents
•   coordinating with conductor
•   hiring coaches and clinicians
•   coordinating the production of workshops and concerts
•   preparing grant applications
•   coordinating the music library
•   coordinating ticket sales
•   supervising student and parent volunteers where appropriate
•   administration of the orchestra’s business and finances.

CYO members are encouraged to contact George if they have any questions or need to obtain information concerning rehearsals, concerts, music and attendance.

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